Yashoda Movie Box Office Collection Report, Hit or Flop


Yashoda- In today’s post, we will talk about the box office collection of Yashoda Movies and also share the Movie Review and Hit & Flop Review with you.

Yashoda Movie Box Office Collection

Samantha is a very popular Actress in South Indian Film Industry and most of her films are good, especially if we look at her acting with respect. This film is directed by Hari-Harish and the film is produced by Sivalenka Krishna Prasad. Apart from Samantha, Unni Mukundan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Murali Sharma have worked in this film.

Yashoda Movie Budget

First of all, let us know what was the budget of the film, then a total of 30-40 crores has been spent on making this film.

Yashoda Movie Box Office Collection

Day by Day Box Office Collection Report

Day 01 (Fri)3.08 Cr.
Day 02 (Sat)2.90 Cr.
Day 03 (Sun)3.50 Cr.
Day 04 (Mon)1.35 Cr.
Day 05 (Tue)1.00 Cr.
Day 06 (Wed)1.25 Cr.
Day 07 (Thu)70 Lakh
Total13.78 Cr.

Yashoda Movie Review

Now let’s talk about the review of the film, so the film is based on the story of a girl who wants to earn money by surrogate. Now those who do not know what a surrogate is, let us tell them that a surrogate is a person who gives birth to someone else’s child.

Many films have been made on the same concept in the past like Mini and Badnaam Gali. I hope you must have seen both movies, now coming back to the story of the movie, Samantha is playing the character of Surrogate, everything was going well but the story takes an interesting turn when Samantha finds out It seems that people there are doing black marketing for those children.

In such a situation, Samantha is worried about her future child and wants to save him. Now because this work is being done on a very large level and very powerful people are involved in this work, it becomes a big challenge for Samantha to save her child.

For many such things have to be done which is probably not possible for a pregnant woman, now will Samantha be able to save her child? You can get the answer to this question only after watching the film. Because by answering this question, we do not want to spoil the movie’s story.

Yashoda Movie Hit or Flop

Now let’s talk about the Hit or Flop of the film, so here we first tell according to the review of the people, then people have mixed opinions about this movie, some people liked this film, some people It has to be said that the concept and story of the film have not been presented properly.

On the other hand, if we look at the First Day Box Office Collection Report of the film, the film earned only Rs 3.8 crores on its first day. Which is very less and we believe that whenever a film earns more than 10 crores at the box office then it is a hit film otherwise it is a flop film.

Now after knowing both the Public Review and the Box Office Collection, it becomes clear that the film could not be as successful as the exception, so you can say that it is a flop film, but we believe that the film is a struggle Based on this you can also keep it in the category of Survival Movies.

It is generally seen that Survival Based Movies do not perform as well as other Genre films, so if you like watching Survival Based Movies or Web-Series, then you must try this movie once.

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