Top 10 Upcoming Movies and Web-Series in August 2020


Upcoming Movies and Web-Series in August 2020: Hello Friends today we are going to share Top 10 Upcoming Movies and Web-Series List which is scheduled to release on August 2020. So I hope you guys really like this List so let’s get started.

Upcoming Movies and Web-Series in August 2020

Upcoming Movies and Web-Series

Today we all of us have to stay at home. In such of a situation, if we get to watch some awesome Movies or Web-Series, there can be something better for Movies Lovers than this.

So in this post, we have brought for you the TopĀ  10 Upcoming Movies and Web-Series. All these movies and Web-Series will be released in August 2020.

Through this list, you can know which such awesome Movies and Web-Series are going to be released in August, which you can watch.

Therefore, you must check out this complete list and comment on us and tell which of the Movie or Web-Series you are waiting for.

Upcoming Movies and Web-Series in August 2020 List

Bandish Bandit

It is a Musical, Drama, Romantic Film featuring a Classic Singer Radhe and Pop Star Tamanna on the other hand, foth fond of songs bust completely different from the Industry.

Despite both being singers of different types, they go on a Jurney and want to see what the competition is and How they can Survive.

The film will be released on Amazon on 04 August 2020, and the Rating is 8.0/10 by IMDB. In this Web-Series has 10 Episodes.

The film will feature Shreya Chaudhary, Ritwik Bhowmik, and Naseeruddin Shah in the lead roles.


You must have seen many films related to Hacking so far, but before have you seen any films related to Biological Hacking. We feel that not at all, this time Netflix is bringing this Web-Series Related to Biological Hacking for you.

This Web-Series will be Released on Netflix on 01 August 2020, with 6 Episodes given in the first season. Luna Welder is the main Cast of this Web-Series.


Pareeksha is an Upcoming Bollywood Drama film, based on a man who is very simple and takes care of his family by Driving a Riksha. But he wants his son to Study in a Big English Medium School.

In this way, this movie is based on a Struggle Involving the life of a Human Being. This movie is Scheduled to Release on Zee5 on August 06, 2020.

The Lead Actors of this film are Priyanka Bose, Adil Husain, and Sanjay Suri.

Khuda Haafiz

This film is based on a True Event, in which a couple is very upset due to the Economic Recession and they have no job.

For which he tries in many places and in the end they think of going out to work, for which he gets a job in Oman. But the problem is that first the wife is called to the Job and then it is the turn of the Husband.

So his wife prepares to go to Oman but she is Kidnapped there and her Husband sets out to save her.

This Movie is Scheduled to Released on Hotstar on 14, August 2020, starring Vidyut Jammwal, Shivalleka Oberoi, and Annu Kapoor.


This film is based on the Disease, we all know that at some point in life we all fall Ill but at the same time, some people are also in the Grip of very Dangerous Diseases.

The film is based on such people, who are suffering from Dangerous Diseases and what is done to treat them and how they can Survive, is shown in this film.

The film will be released on Netflix on August 12, 2020.

Lucifer S05

Season 5 of Lucifer, one of Netflix’s most popular Web-Series, will be released this August 21, 2020. This is Horror Drama Series and viewers of this Web-Series have been waiting for its Next Installment i.e. Season 5 for a long time.

Dirty John S02

This Web-Series is Based on Jelicy and Revenge in which a wife wants to kill her Husband. The film is being released on Netflix on 14 August 2020,

A Suitable Boy

This is a Romantic Drama Web-Series, which is related to post-Independence India. It shows what kind of Culture was born in India after Independence. This Web-Series has already been released on BCC but some Episodes of it will also be released in August.

Project Power

This film is based on Strength, showing how powerful people become by Eating a Capsule and they are able to do Amazing things. But there has also some Sidefects of this Capsule. This Web-Series will be Released on Netflix on August 14, 2020.

Abhay S02

It is a Suspense Thriller Web-Series which has features on Many Stories. The first Season of this Web-Series has been a tremendous hit and it is expected that the Second Season will also get good Response.

This Web-Series is being Released on Zee5 on August 14, 2020.

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