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Secret Superstar Movie Review: Secret Superstar is a Award winging movie. It’s really very Awesome Movie. As we Know Aamir Khan is in the Film so Obesely you can Imagine Movies was Awesome. Let’s talk about Secret Superstar Movie Review.

Secret Superstar Movie Review

Story of Secret Super Star

Secret Super Star is Based on a Small Girl who want to Become a Singer. Insiya Malik (Zayra) is a 15 Year Old Girl and she Belong to Baroda. Insiya’s Feeling was very Heart because she Suffering his Parents Relation. “Secret Superstar Movie Review”

But she try Hard to Become a Popular Singer. And also she try to leave with the Convective Mother and Violent Father.

Secret Superstar Movie Review

In the Secret Super Star Aamir was a Weird Music Director (Shakti Kapoor). Advait Chandan was Directed this Movie he learn to Film work with Aamir Khan so they doing Good Job in the Movie. ‘Secret Superstar Movie Review’

Insia is not a Good Student. She Struggle with Science as well as Trigonometry, Score 30 Out of 100 in the Class Test and Despite the being the year of her Board Exams. In this Film has so much Emotions, Happiness, Tears, Passion and Curiosity will be seen.

Nothing is New in this Movie. Because this Movie is Based on a Poor Girl, She want’s to come out his Suffering Life. At the Same Story has so many Different Movie in the Bollywood. But the Story has so much Narrated that’s the Reason you can Still to Watch Full Movie.

When you watch the Movie then you can Easily Feel the Frustration that can fasten a Mother and a Daughter. When Insiya can get out of these Situations then you can Feels Lonely and Emotion Full but there you can’t stop for Clap her Freedom.

Aamir Khan was a Fabulous Character in the Film. In the Movie Aamir Looks like a 70s Film Director. He wear so many Different Colours of Clothes and His Style is also very un-natural Character. He want’s to Become a very Popular Director in the Industry but there had so many Different Problems because they do not Create any Popular Songs.

There, Insiya Decide to Sing a Song on YouTube but she do not want to Show her Face so she Decide to Wear a “Black Burkha” and she Record her Song. Her song is get so Popular on YouTube. Some Newspaper can Said” about her Song is so Great.

Here Aamir listen to her Song and He Decide to Record a Song with her so they decide to talk her but they could not find her. Because she doesn’t share her Contact Details on her YouTube Channel.

In the Hold Movie Aamir does not Seen with Insiya. It’s really very Rood but the Movie was Great. We Love that Movie.

There are times when Secret Superstar”¬†feels like a tacky production, as if made on a telefilm budget, and there are sequences that inevitably seem too long, particularly as we go into the film knowing what will happen and the film doesn’t even try to prove us wrong. Yet we need more films for and about children in this country, which is why I’d recommend this one even though it is far from perfect.

Raj Arjun, who plays Insia’s father, makes him into a sickeningly believable hound, one who treats the son like a child and the daughter like a liability. The best performance in the film comes from a kid called Tirth Sharma who plays Insia’s admirer and best friend, Chintan. The film, bewilderingly enough, plays a weird song about his Gujarati celebrations – it singles out dates like “31st December, 14th February and Navratri” – but the kid is a champ, immediately likeable, natural, and energetic enough to keep the film’s tempo from flagging. Perhaps this was what Nawazuddin Siddiqui was like as a child.

Secret Super Star Box Office Collection

The Film Secret Super Star can Collect First Day Box Office Collection is Rs- 4.80 Crores and Second Day Collection is Rs- 9.30 Crores. Secret Super Star has managed to make a Total of Rs- 14.10 Crores in the Two Days. We Hope these Numbers are very Good in the Box Office Collection. “Secret Superstar Movie Review”

Secret Super Star Movie Official Trailer

Watch Secret Superstar Movie Trailer on YouTube

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