Seance Movie 2021 Upcoming Horror Movie Review, Cast, Release Date


Seance Movie 2021: Hello today we are going to share an upcoming Seanse Movie Review with some interesting facts such as Cast and Crew, Release Date, & Official Trailer.

Seance Movie 2021

Seance Movie 2021

Now, Seance is the new upcoming horror, thriller film which is based on some school girls who jokingly engage in a late-night ritual and calling a spirit of a dead former student. And after that, the horrible things are going to start with them.

This movie is full-on Mystery, Drama, and Horror (Un-natural) activities so if you are looking for any Horror movie who based belongs to Teen-Agers then this film is good for you. Because you get complete horrible things in this film with suspense.

Release Date

This film is going to Schedule to Release on May 21, 2021, on VOD & Digital HD platforms.

Seance Movie Review

Camille, a young woman who arrives at the Fairfield Academy and there has lots of girls. But six friends jokingly engage in a late-night ritual, calling forth the spirit of a dead former student who reportedly haunts their halls.

On the next day, one of the girls is founded dead, nobody has known how she died and they are wondering what they may have awakened.

They realize that they have woken up that dead student’s spirit back and now she wants to kill them too. Because of which horrible activities begin to happen to those girls at Fairfield Academy.

Cast and Crew

Suki Waterhouse

suki waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse is an English model, actress, and singer. In this film, she playing Camille’s character who is in the lead role. That is the girl who comes to Fairfield Academy and suffering from horrible activities.

Madisen Beaty

Madisen Beaty

Madisen is a Centennial, Colorado, USA actress and director. She is best known for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), The Master (2012), and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008).

In this movie, she is playing the character of Bethany, a girl who is involved in the awake spirit of a dead student.

Inanna Sarkis

Inanna Sarkis

Inanna Sarkis is a Canadian social media personality and actress. She started her career as a YouTuber 15 years ago at the age of 16. She had done multiple collaborations with prominent YouTubers over her 15-year career.

In this movie, she is playing the character of Alice, a girl who is involved in the awake spirit of a dead student.

Ella-Rae Smith

Ella-Rae Smith

Ella-Rae Smith is an English actress and model. She is an actress and producer, known for The Stranger (2020), Into the Badlands (2015), and Clique (2017).

Stephanie Sy

Stephanie Sy is an actress and costume designer, she is best known for Seance (2021), Nobody (2021), and Welcome to Sudden Death.

Official Trailer

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