Ram Setu Movie Box Office Collection Day by Day Report


Ram Setu Box Office Collection- In today’s article we will talk about the box office collection of Ram Setu movies, in which we will see the day-by-day box office collection of Ram Setu movies and understand how much money this movie is earning daily.

Ram Setu Box Office Collection

Ram Setu

Ram Setu is an Indian Action, Adventure film directed by Abhishek Sharma and the film stars are Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Farnandez, Nushrratt Bharuccha, and Satya Dev.

In this film, Akshay Kumar is shown as the character of an archeologist, who searches for ancient places, now because this film is of the Adventure Genre, this film is shown about the discovery of evidence made by Ram of Ram Setu.

So the question is why? After all, why did we have to find that Ram Setu was built by Ram? When you can get this question only after watching the film, we cannot mention this thing in our article because it will spoil the story of the film.

Ram Setu Movie Box Office Collection Report Day by Day

Box Office Collection Report

Day-01 (October 25, 2022)15.25 Cr. in India
Day-02 (October 26, 2022)11.40 Cr. in India
Day-03 (October 27, 2022)8.75 Cr. in India
Day-04 (October 28, 2022)6.05 Cr. in India
Day-05 (October 29, 2022)7.30 Cr. in India
Day-06 (October 30, 2022)7.25 Cr. in India
Day-07 (October 31, 2022)Available Soon
Total56 Cr. in India

Ram Setu Movie Hit or Flop

Now let’s talk about whether Ram Setu movie is a hit film or a flop film, here let us tell you in advance that we tell any movie a Hit or Flop according to its Box Office Collection.

So now let’s talk about the box office collection of the film, so far the first-day box office collection of the film has been revealed, according to which the film earned Rs 15.25 crore in India on its first day.

Now that this film has been released on the day of the Diwali festival, obviously, most of people can be busy with Diwali shopping, household chores, etc. Due to this the film could not earn at the box office till that level.

But despite the festival, the film has crossed the 15 crore mark on its first day itself and we all know that whenever a film crosses the 10 crore mark on its first day itself, it is obvious that people are interested in that film and more and more people want to watch this film.

Because of this, it would not be wrong to say that till now the film Ram Setu seems to be a hit at the box office.

Review of Ram Setu Movie

Personally, we have seen Ram Setu movie and we have noticed some things about this movie like –

  • Akshay Kumar is shown as an atheist in this film and despite being an atheist, he is studying Ram Setu.
  • Jacqueline Fernandez’s work in the film did not appear that special personally, she was only seen supporting Akshay Kumar.
  • How the synergy between Business Man and Indian Politician and how and to what extent things can happen has been presented very well.
  • The journey of Akshay Kumar from finding the evidence of Ram Setu to getting the evidence is shown in a very interesting way. Where the way of presenting a lot of Technology, Logic Evidence, etc. was very good.
  • When we were watching this film, initially we did not like this film that much but as the story progresses, our interest also started moving towards this film and after reaching a level we understood that it The film is a masterpiece that knows the skill to keep the audience hooked.

Overall, if you remove some negative points, then the film is very good and it is very good to enjoy with family, so you must watch this film with your family.

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