Aksar 2 Movie Box Office Collection Day 2 Movie Cast and Crew

Aksar 2 Movie Box Office Collection: Hello Friends in this Article we share Aksar 2 Movie Box Office Collection Details and also Movie’s Interesting Facts.

Aksar 2 movie box office collection

Akasar 2 is new Released Bollwood Drama and Ramantic film it’s a Sequal of Akasr 2006. Akasar 2 has Direct by Ananth Mahadevan. The Film actors are Gautom Rode, Abhinav Shukla, Zareen Khan and Mohit Madaan in lead role. The Film slotted to Release on 17 November 2017. “Aksar 2 Movie Box Office Collection”

Aksar 2 Movie Box Office Collection (Story)

The Film story revolves around the Khambatta, Characted played by Lillete Dubey, The Governess of an ageing Billionaire Mrs Khambatta dies under mysterious circumstances then her financial manager Pat is called on to recruit a lady to fill the vacancy.

But Pat hadn’t expected the stunning Sheena Roy to apply for the post. Khambatta wanted a Elderly lady for the post but Pad convince her to give Sheena a Chance.

Sheena isn’t aware that her appointment comes with a price tag. Smitten by Sheena, Pat now expects her to return the favour or lose the Job. But she is not reveal her predicament to her Boyfriend Ricky who is into bad times and badly need the money to survive.

So Sheena, After much resistance is forced to submit to Pat’s amorous advances but just as Pat thinks that his lady killer image has scored another hit and he suddenly finds himself in the middile of a Scandal.

Sheena lets him into a secret about Khambatta’s will that ggives Pat sleepless at night and even as he discovers the truth about Sheena’s revelation a bigger shock awaits him.

Day 2 Aksar 2 Movie Box Office Collection

The First Day Aksar 2 Box Office Collection Reports are good for the movie where the film collect around 1.05 Crore. The Movie running at the 15% occupancy at the box office and received some good money for his makers.

The Second Day Aksar 2 Box Office Collection Reports are also very good according to the First day where the film collect around 2.0 Crore. It’s really very Good amount for the Movie. That’s mean peoples loves that movie and so many people going to watch Aksar 2 in Theaters.

Aksar 2 Movie Poster

Aksar 2 Movie Poster has Released on 04 August 2017. There Zareen khan’s sit on the chair and she looks so Gorgeous.

Aksar 2 Movie Poster

Star Cast in Aksar 2 Movie

Zareen Khan

Actress Zareen Khan is an Indian Bollywood Actress and she mainly works in Hindi Film Industry. Also she acted in the Tamil, Punjabi films. Zareen Khan made her first debut film is Veer co-starring with the superstar Salman Khan.

Gautam Rode

The Actor Gautam Rode is an Indian Actor and also a television host mainly he has appeared on the many television shows like Baa Bahu aur Baby, Lucky, and Maha Kumbh. His first debut in Bollywood at 2002 film Annarth.

Abhinav Shukla

The Actor Abhinav Shukla is an India model, television and also a film actor. Abhinav acted in the many T.V. shows and his first debut in Bollyood film Roar: Tigers off the Sundarbans.

Mohit Madaan

The Actor Mohit Madaan is an Indan Bollywood Actor he is well known for the documentary called Exchange. Mohit will see in the movie Aksar 2 which is the Latest film.

Lillete Dubey

Lillete Dubey is an Indian actress who has worked in the theatre, T.V. Shows and also in the Hindi Films.

Sofia Hayat

Sofia Hayat is an bollywood actress, model and a singer, She worked in the British and in the Indian projects. She was a contestant on the Channel Bollywood Super Stars TV Series.

Aksar 2 Film Crew Members

aksar 2

Anant Mahadevan (Director & Music Director of the Film)

Anant Mahadevan is a Screenwriter and an actor. He is also a director of the Hindi and Marathi Films. Also he acted in many TV Serials in India.

Sameer (Lyricist of the Film)

Sameer is an Indian Lyricist he is writing primarily for the songs in the Hindi Language. He is a Guinness world record holder for writing the most number of the songs.

Aksar 2 Movie Trailer

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