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1921 Movie Trailer: Hello Friend’s today we are going to Share 1921 Movie Trailer in our Article with some extra Interesting Facts. So watch this Trailer and then Decide it’s was Really horror or not and tell us in the Comment Box.

1921 Movie Trailer

1921 Movie Trailer Information

First 1921 is new Upcoming Horror Movie and I love to watch horror movies so i am very Excited for this Movie and waiting for the date 12 January 2018 because this movie has Released on this Date. So first i think we need to move on the Movie Information.

So 1921 Movie has Released on 12 January 2018 and Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra are in the leading Role. And let’s talk about his Director so Vikram Bhatt is the Director, Producer and Screen Play. Anupam Kher is also in this. 1921 is the Fourth Movie in the film Series of 1920.

1921 Official Movie Trailer

In the 1921 Movie Trailer we saw that so many Ghosts and we think in this Movie have Multiple Ghosts in one House. Let’t talk Details about the Trailer A Boy (karan Kundra) has comes to London from India for Learn Music but one day he doing a very Big Mistake as usual he visit in a House there already leave some Ghosts.

So he Suffered by the Ghosts and then he Meet a Girl (Zareen Khan) she can see the Ghosts and also try to Control them. And she ready to help Karan for Survive i think and they are Fall in the Love.

I never Understand why every movies has turn in the Love Point well So as we know every Movie has not Completed with the Hot Sense so in this Trailer you see many Hot Sense, Kissing Sense and So many Ghosts.

1921 Movie Trailer Comparison on Hollywood Movies

As usual i always watched Hollywood Movies and this Trailer remind me The Conjuring and Annabelle because in these Movies are also based on that Story a Family (Girl) are able to See the Ghosts and also know about Exorcist.

Well as i Already Tell you we love to Watch Horror Movies so i am waiting to the Release and i hope you also too. If you like this Article then share it on your Social Media Account for Reach more Peoples. Thank you for Reading this i hope you are Enjoying Keep Visiting.

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